We specialize in businesses that collect recurring obligations from their customers for specific goods or services they have provided.

With electronic payment services for small businesses, you can:

  • Streamline Routine Tasks: Automating the accounts payable process allows you to concentrate on more critical business issues.
  • Improve Financial Management: Electronic payment provides small businesses with more accuracy in payables processing and greater control over cash flow.
  • Realize Significant Cost Savings: Considering labor, supply costs and processing time, a small business can save thousands per year by handling accounts payable online.
  • Gain Convenient Access: Businesses can settle their account payables anytime from anywhere they can access the Internet.



Waters Law Office, PLLC (DBA WLO Payments), is a Registered Third-Party Payment/Service Provider with its sponsoring banks.

WLO is a Corporate Member of The Clearing House. The Clearing House is a banking association and payments authority company owned by the largest commercial banks in the United States.

WLO offers multiple options for payments to customers; including ACH same day and next day options, RTP (Real-Time payments – See list below for our supporting banks), and IAT (International ACH – See list below for our supporting countries).